Thursday, 12 April 2012

Blog Updates, new stuff

Hey readers!
Im back from my little break. Thank you Knome for standing in for me and posting that bit about be being away. Enough talk, lets get to the point. I would like to include some of the following as new features/pages to this site.
  • A Q&A page
    • Here you can ask me IT related questions or state a problem you might have
    • The least i can do for you readers is to check the site everyday and answer these
  • Tutorial Articles and links
    • I would like to get more tuts mixed in with my reviews
    • Reviews are good an all but when i go searching the net to find out how to
    • something i usually want a well-written blog tutorial
    • You can also request tutorials on the Q&A page
I have a couple a cool things i would like to make tutorials on, things that i did not know myself and then
went out and found a tutorial or a combination of tutorials to teach me how to get the job done.
So stay tuned, use Google listen to  and play on Epicraft! :D

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