Friday, 28 June 2013

Amazing, Free mind-mapper Xmind for Mac, Windows, and Linux

I hope this post will bring to your attention a free tool that has now become a great help to my everyday
life. The credit goes to a mind-mapper called Xmind; available for download (or purchase for premium features like more exporters.) at
I absolutely love this thing. I can do everything in it. From organizing my thoughts, to planning my day, to solving problems, to starting and finishing projects. There are so many features and pros about this software, that I would recommend to pretty much anyone. 

I particularly have an intrest in the idea and practice of mind mapping. Getting an image of your mind out there on paper, presenting your thoughts in a structured, visual, and logical representation. I have tried other mind-mappers, but just dont find them as fluid and flexible as Xmind. Take Freemind for instance. Its what I started with but it's only good for completely structured mind mapping. You have to have a strict hierarchy. No multi-maps projects, no free-floating nodes, no lines for creating manual relationship between non-directly relating nodes. Xmind has all this and more.

Heres a map I made in xmind before i made this post. No need for a thousand words! All i wanted to say is simply covered in the mind map. No fuss. No Fluff.

(Click for larger view)

One of my favorite things to do with xmind is take notes. You can go so fast because it can be fully keyboard controlled, and you keep track of what leads to what during a conversation or lecture.

Anyway, thats far from all there is to this monster, but there you go; Thats my two bits. Enjoy. And I hope it helps you in some shape or form as it has me.


  1. This looks like a great option! But another alternative is Lucidchart. You can check it out at

  2. Huh, thanks for the recommendation Marcy! I'll check it out.

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