Friday, 28 June 2013

New Author, ~Rocky

Hello Readers,

I am happy to present to you my first Co-Author here at Rudker's Software Corner.
His name is Rocky, and he will be writing on a variety of topics mainly to-do with Minecraft Servers and plugins; Capital World especially since that is one of our sponsors. In addition to that, he might grace us with some short fiction or even poetry!
In Rocky's first post he will be doing what he does best; telling storys; and he's starting off with a real life PVP experience. Hope you enjoy, and good luck Rocky! Welcome Aboard.


  1. Hello all! Yes, I'm Rocky. I will be helping Rudker in posting story's etc. The first story on CW PvP! This is not an actual story although something like that has happened. Well that's it from me guys and I hope you enjoy the story!

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