Friday, 28 June 2013

CW PvP ~

CapitalWorld PVP
Hello all, I'm Rocky. Before I show you my story I want to tell you about some stuff. Ok, well this one is on CW. No it's not an actual story. I will be talking about Plugins, actual story's and More. I hope you enjoy it guys!
It all started when Lakeol was messing around with his Flame Bow. It was about 4:50pm on June 30th when he shot it up in the air. Xxrocky65Xx and Peng55 had just finished the base. About 2 or 3 hours later we saw Lights. Lots of them! We all knew we should get our Armour on, so we did. Peng55 then yelled out “PENG55 WATCH OUT!” Next second he gets an arrow to the leg! He couldn’t fight. The whole night Lakeol and Xxrocky65Xx were fighting them. It was about 5am in the morning when we killed the last guy. We had a look at there Armour and saw that they were apart of the Faction “KoE” ( Knights of Ender). We were all scared. Lakeol carried Peng55 and we all walked to the City of CapitalWorld. In CapitalWorld we met up with the Faction KarmaPvP. KarmaPvP  was  a Strong faction and hasn’t been raided. Back in the day KarmaPvP was only a small faction. It had been raided quite a lot and no one liked them. Today KarmaPvP is a strong and un-raidable Faction. We were looking around  their “f home”, and looked at their items they collected from killing People. They had Swords and Bows to spare, Armour and more. We were greatly happy to be with them. We heard a noise, we looked over and saw the best PVP’er walk in. His name was vMystery. He gave us all spare armour, as he had just returned  from a raid.

The next day everyone went out looking  for bases and food. Lakeol, Peng and I, stayed back and had another look at the base. It was about 5 minutes later and we heard a bomb go off; we weren’t quite sure what it was. Lakeol saw another person walk in and said “what the…” they shot Arrows at Lakeol. Lakeol ran and hid. We all popped our Armour on and fought. We killed at least 13 of them, then ran. We saw a person named XxBowzxX coming up. We thought he was gonna kill us but instead started helping us. He had killed a lot, as in 35 people at least. The 4 of us then ran for our lives. We got out alive but saw the base blew up. We all knew we’d been raided. We didn’t quite see what happened to KarmaPvP; All we knew is they didn’t have a base (lol). We wanted to get revenge on them, sometime we will. For now we’ll be a little faction hiding away, named “Deception”. Yes, we’ll be raided but we will end up being Strong as KarmaPvP was. At least we got most of their items. we’re Building a base when we find more land away from others.  It was only after a month later, that Peng’s leg got a lot better. We were all back in the game;we had Armour and Swords . Now, time to go raid those people!!
To be Continued

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